Monday, July 21, 2014

so what's the dream?

I believe it's almost a week or two that I'm home. I'm loving it! It's burning hot in Ipoh and I don't care! the suhoor, the iftar, the getting busy in the kitchen, the pretend to be busy in the kitchen! Gosh, I don't mind doing it forever! Gosh what with exclamation mark?! I know right!

so i made juice out of these for iftar. it's gross.
i call it powerveggie juice!

Too bad I cannot stay carefree for the whole year. I better get myself a real job. At least after raya I should start the job-hunt. I need money. 

Actually I'm doing fine staying at home. It's free. I don't need to pay for the food. I can just throw anything in the trolley and still not paying LOL. I mean, if I go out, like hangout with my friends, even for iftar, I will spend. Not that it's a bad thing. I mean, it's cheaper to stay at home than hanging out with my friends nartz, that doesn't sound quite right isn't it? I know I'm a horrible person.

I have no pressure. That why I'm too relaxed and unworried. I'm too comfortable and this is not healthy.

I wanna be a nanny, like Joey!

oh, I wanna be a singer! like in Austin & Ally! 

nartz, I hate the show! I mean I love it! I just hate the part that they are so talented and living their dream.

Damn, I'm hopeless, and I have no problem with that, which is worst. Some of my friends are doing part time job, attend some industrial training or workshop or something, and here I am staying at home, breathing that hot scorching air of ipoh, oh I like it!

My point is 
Goal, success, achievement, or whatever the crappy positive words you wanna put; is subjective. Different people have different way in weighing it. 
For some people, 
working their ass off on a five-figure income job, which is hundred of miles a way from their parent and give half of the salary to them is the dream. 
For some people,
being close to family and friends, living an average stable life is the dream.

bae be like #OOTD bitches!
Don't get easily intimidated with those who are so crazy showing how cool their life is
"oohh, I'm hanging out my friends at this expensive restaurant!"
"oohh, I'm in Bali! oohh, I'm in Europe! "
"oohh, my awesome #OOTD, totes awesome! #followme #hashtag"
I'm not saying it's wrong to do all the things above. On second thought, do it! 
or you can be smart enough not let those people kill you with their awesome life when yours is sucks.

My second point is since i still haven't make any point,
Make your own dream and work for it!
Don't go all swagger jagger just because you saw this cool kid on instagram have the swag and you think it would be cool if you do the same. 

Create your own dream
create your own standard
create your own circle. 
have your own definition of cool, or swag, or whatever kids these days call it. 

Enough comparing yourself with other people.
It's time to focus on your potential. 
Be Inspire 

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