Friday, September 5, 2014

20 facts about me

1. I may be 23, but I'm a baby.

2. I love british accent. It sounds fancy.

3. I wear mask. Different people, different mask.

4. I always wanted to be an actor or a teacher, but I end up doing business study. Weird.

5. I talk a lot. If not with people, I talk my myself. You know, having a meaningful discussion with the wise guy in me.

6. I believe in the power of personality.
I mean, you can wear kain pelekat or baju kelawar to the mall but still looks fab as fuck.

7. I believe in Allah.
I may not be the best muslim. I mean, I died my hair, I swear a lot, I #&* a lot, but I do have that personal relationship with God.

8. I enjoy music that is chill wave, indie dream pop, and disco -ish.

9. I love lights and candles.
My room can never be too bright. I'm not sure if I'm a vampire or my migraine is coming.

10. Hilary Duff is the main reason I speaks English everyday since I was 10.

11. When I get mad, I will go all Naomi Campell cursing like a black bitch.

12. I celebrate my flaw.
Not everyone is blessed with good looks. People used to call me hitam legam, kicap, squidward, bebop lawak kampus, and other mean words. But now, I've grown bolder and wiser. Who care about your skin color? I mean are we still in the 90s?

13. Priorities: God, family, friends, me, then comes lover.

14. I was in a play during high school, Lobak Putih Lobak Merah, and I was the slutty mother. We won 1st place.

15. Song interest wise, I am very inspired by Leighton Meester and Twin Sister.

16. My favorite color is RED.

17. I'm crazy about smartphones and innovation.

18. I used to have a pet chicken when I was 7.
It's a little purple chicky, Popo. He grown up so big and fat that my grandma turn him into chicken curry. I cried.

19. I fucking love my best friends. Oh, you know who you are!

20. Bring me to karaoke if u wanna unleash the Nicki Minaj Anaconda in me.


Amanina said...

i used to see this kind of tag in blogs longggg time ago. now, it gets viral in instagram. :D haha.

i really miss blogging and reading blogs T_T

ehe, aizat ada instagram?

amirul aizat said...

Hahaha I know right! This is from instagram actually. Do follow me!

amiru akumaru said...

There is one fact that makes me thing for quite awhile


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