Friday, September 5, 2014

more about the future

I am planning my future and I know that it is clear now. It’s nothing great in particular, but I have things planned for 4 months ahead and I’m sure where this is going.

I tend to be ambiguous when I write. I’m worried that someone is going to use it against me. It’s time to be precise. After all, this archive is for no one else but future me. 

This month I will focus in tutoring my cousin on her modern math for SPM. At the same time I’m having my driving license and some informal driving lesson. I need to get to field the prepared.  In September, I’ll be in KL for the whole month until Raya Haji. I have to accompany my sister because my aunt is not around since she’s on duty with Tabung Haji Travel, and she’s not comfortable staying my uncle alone. There’s nothing to worry of course. It’s just a nice gesture of being there for her. Not long after that comes the graduation. It’s in November I guess. Comes to the end of the year, I plan to take the PUNB entrepreneur training and it will take like the whole next year. 

It’s not 4 month actually. I’m practically planning my agendas like a year ahead! LOL

There it is my plan in a hunch. Good luck Aizat!

next year I need a real planner

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