Tuesday, October 21, 2014

i wanna touch a dog

I am neither agree nor against the idea of the campaign.
I'm dubious about the real objective though.

There's no solid issue between Muslim and dogs in the first place that such campaign should come first in mind. There are many other bigger issues that should be brought to light.

Dog is considered as a heavy unclean as well as pig, but it's not the ticket for us to treat them like shit. I think that's what the organizer is trying to say. Plus, they're adorable! There are many kind of fluffy dogs, and potty pig is a thing.

The organizer must and anyone under the same roof must have strong point of view. It's not easy to carry out such event without support in many instruments. I first aware about the campaign when Nurul Izzah, DSAI daughter, personally congratulate the organizer on her social media accounts. I wasn't mad, or panic. I'm eager to see where is this going.

Anyways, the campaign is still weird and provocative to me, and anything that can potentially trigger chaos in the society isn't favored in Islam.


Amanina said...

this issue is quite interesting to me as I'm in environment with dogs as people's pet. :)

the problem here is, it's really hard to find that clean 'air tanah'. taharah soap pun, sometimes the amount of soil inside it pun not that enough untuk sertu. :(

amirul aizat said...

i love dog too! they are cute. I always thought it would be great of we could pet them hehe..i mean they are a beautiful creature :)


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