Sunday, December 21, 2014


I feel demotivated.
First of all, doing sale is not my thing. The only thing that motivates me is my paycheck. dang, the money I can make is goddang a lot. But for how long am I going to do my work on the ground of money instead of passion?

Here’s the background story:
I am now a Personal Finance Advisor at Maybank. I accept the offer solely out of no reason. I mean I have no objection over anything that is good for me.

Long story short, my job is basically to create a wealth portfolio for the affluence customer or in another word, to deepen their wallet and make them richer. On the bright side, I’m exposed to the knowledge of ways to achieve financial freedom. It’s a good exposure.

On the not so bright side, my job is to talk to people. I need to build rapport with strangers which is a hell no for me. I’m not natural at talking to strangers. Worse, the stranger could possibly be someone, as in super rich people who can kill my self-esteem in any second.

I am proud to say that I am good public speaker. But this is not a public speaking, honey. It’s about being persuasive in informal tone. Only people with talent can do it effortlessly.  Even a good actor needs a script.

So I’m fucked.  It’s tough. But somehow I just do it. I have no choice but not to give up. Plus, I’m too lazy to find another job.

Someone told me that, if it is a skill, then it can be learned and improved.
So learn aizat, LEARN!


Hanis Amanina said...

I guess, this job need a skill of a promoter? pheww, that's quite hard even for me. Well, I need to do the similar thing to my patient; in describing the choice of treatment they will have. But, it will be more to give the pros and cons to each choices.

All the best Aizat!

amirul aizat said...

Giving them the space to decide instead of being pushy.good idea! i should do the same. thanks amanina!


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