Sunday, April 12, 2015

Career Movement

My last post was in January and its April now. 
Time is so powerful. Time heals, time kills, time flies. 
A lot has changed. 

I am no longer an employee of Malayan Banking Berhad. I choose to quit. It’s not because I’m a quitter, but the more I stay, the clear I get that this is not the job for me. Someone told me that I have no choice but to do it. You cannot afford to be jobless. It's Maybank for heaven sake! Why??

I wasn't happy there. I cannot imagine if I stuck there for the next 10 years for the sake of paycheck. It’s a lot more than that. I need to live up to my potential. I can give so much more, but not with this job. 

I am going to be picky for my next job. I need to be crystal clear about the job nature. I was surprise that I was actually responsible to do sale for the bank. During the interview, I was told that it’s about investment, deepen the customer’s wallet, helping the customer financially, and all. Words. Words are powerful. They were telling the truth, only the words were orchestrated nicely. The reality is, it’s about hitting the target given by the bank. It’s about figures, then comes the noble intention of helping customer. Too many manipulation and unhealthy games behind the curtain. Of course it’s up to you how do you want to put it. You can ditch the stress by manipulating yourself into believing that you are helping people (which is true in a way) and eventually immune to the repetition, or you can end up being delusional and breakdown like me. 

Since I was in school, I always wanted to an educator. I've been making plans and pen down ideas on how my class should be. It’s my dream job to be a teacher. So I plan to further my studies either master in TESOL or in Communication. I need more knowledge so that I can live up to my dream. 

Sometimes, the obsession to nail the interview because it’s satisfying can lead you into the job that is not for you. So Aizat, please be more careful. It’s either you play the numbers game, going to as many job interview as possible and eventually get employed, or you play the sharpshooter, prepare, aim, and shoot for the right job. 

 I have my short term plans arranged. Oh Allah, please approve my proposal!

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