Thursday, July 2, 2015

my interview experince for Master in TESL

I have a few post in the draft that hasn't been finalized waiting to be posted, but this one cannot wait.

The Interview
Yesterday was my interview for Master in TESL. It was difficult for me. I killed the interview, or at least I think I did.

The writing test comprised of two questions. The first question is an opinionated essay question which need me to comment on an issue for less than 350 words. The second question is more like a summary question.

The writing test went on for an hour then followed by the interview. I was the first. Thankgod coz I don't wanna wait for long.

The panel din't think I am ready for the course. I have no formal background in education and zero TESL knowledge. It would be difficult for me to learn it. They are not doing me justice if they let me take the course along with those whom are teaching English for 15 years (Hi Kak Pie!) and other  TESL graduates.

After The Interview
I am not mad. In fact, I should thank them for warning me with the reality that I might face. There is a chance that I might not get the opportunity and that would tear me a bit. I don't really have a plan B. But they also told me that they have this 'taking everyone' policy and meeting quota thingy. That at least gives me hope.

I believe that I can do it. I have a really strong motivation. Working twice as hard on the thing you love is not really working hard. I was thrown in many alien challenge like when I was in the banking industry and back during my internship. I survived strongly and become bolder. Doing master in TESL would be just another fight and also an opportunity to improve my academic career.

English is my everyday language. At the end of the day, it is still a course about teaching English as a second language, and that is what I want for a career. 

I can write a lot to prove how I deserve the opportunity, but that would be depressing. According to the ancient China philosopher, it's depressing living in the past. I should live in the present, enjoying the Ramadan, then I would find peace.

Shout out to Hariz!
Thank you for driving me to the interview. I was a bit down after the interview, but thanks to you, your words make me feel better. I feel motivated again. How do I live without you? (on that day particularly).

Not to mention of course my parent. I may not holding the Master scroll yet, but I am 24, yet they are supporting me to pursue my dream instead of pushing me into getting a job and make money (although that's pretty much the point making me study further LOL).

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