Sunday, July 19, 2015

things that i hate about raya

Hate me because there are a few things (the so called tradition in Malaysia) that I hate about Raya.

I bloody hate firecrackers. It’s noisy, it’s expensive, and it’s technically burning money for fun. The meriam buluh is a traditional firecracker in a way, and the explosion is ten times louder which I hate more. It is fun to play with, but it’s no fun when you are in the house trying to finish off your lemang and the neighbors are bombarding each other.

how is this fun to you?

Duit Raya
As much as I love money (and duit raya is very exciting), this duit raya actually turns out to be a failure gimmick (of angpau from the Chinese culture).  Green packet is not even our ancient Malay culture. I don’t like it when bunch of kids visiting every house collecting duit raya like the government collecting tax. Kids nowadays even started to complain ‘seringgit je?’ This culture does not give good impact on our kids. It is no longer ziarah when these kids go to random house just to get more duit raya.

We need to stop this misconception or the future young generation will see the celebration as the month where you can get more money for visiting people. It would be difficult to change the trend but it is possible. Maybe the duit raya can be replaced with goodie bag like people normally do during kenduri. Goodie bag sounds ‘meh’ which is okay because the focus will shift back to the spirit of ziarah.

Open House
I’m not a fan of organizing an open house because it’s a lot of work. The food, setting the right date and the right time, preparing small change for duit raya and all. Besides, I have many circles of friends and some of the circles shouldn’t collide (my life is complicated). I am also not a fan of attending open house, because I hate the crowd, and the urge of need to talk to people or you will be labeled as rude or anti-social (which I sorta am) is very depressing.

A raya date, or raya outing, or raya movie night out works for me though LOL. It’s simpler. Re-branding same old shit.

Raya SMS
The trend was booming when everyone is using cellphone. The rapid technology evolution from SMS to MMS to Whatsapp and WeChat and all, make people lazier. Thanks to the ‘send to many’ mode, you might end up receiving the same fancy raya text from ten different people. You can send me a 10 rangkap pantun about raya and I won’t read them. I prefer the short text messages but I know it was written for me. It’s more meaningful. The kosong-kosong catchphrases are very annoying for some reasons.

I love the friends who just get that I'm telepathically wishing them eid Mubarak. They are the best.

Hate me or you are with me. Either way, Selamat Hari Raya!

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