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lagenda budak asrama

There are a few notable stories, urban legends, and taboos that we grow up with.
Makan maggi boleh jadi bodoh,
minum holy water boleh murtad tak boleh mengucap,
jangan tunding jari ke pelangi nanti mak mati, 
and much of other illogical yet certified by almost everyone. Trust me, we can academically argue about this (or even make some of the point shariah compliant just to make the debate extravagant), and you will hear many things from the biology textbooks, hadith and the internet (Huwaa, so pandai la this guy, very research-oriented!) . But let's just level down to the jemaah menteri Malaysia's logic so that it's easy to comprehend.

1. makan maggi boleh jadi bodoh

"Esok exam, tak boleh makan maggi doh". 
Poor Maggi®,Why must we relate it with something that can jeopardize the future of modal insan negara?! This is racist. Cintan, Mamee and Mee Sedap should be treated the same! Fight for equality! 

The taboo is hilarious. Honestly, I would eat them whenever I want. I'm even eating it now. Not that I am crazy about instant noodles. Back when we were in asrama, instant noodles is the best snacks slash dinner slash everything. It's cheap, it's tasty and it comes in many flavors.

I wasn't that crazy about keeping my grade top notch like some of the crazy bookworm kids (I was in MRSM so it's a great deal to always stay excellent). I was all about having fun, staying off the cool kids radar, and just do my things within my circle.

huwaa, so cool and funny la these people

Here's a thing about being a student (especially budak sekolah asrama (penuh)). You can categorized them into certain groups. Hate them or love, you can't ignore them. Here are the species:

-lembab, tak cool, tapi hardworking dan result power
-lembab, bodoh, memang noob dan result hampeh
-nakal result power
-nakal, result hampeh 

Me? I'm a bit of everything. I'm the eccentric one.

I was one of the budak skema, but the bodoh one la, because I eat maggi. I mean everyone eat maggi, but not everyone eat maggi when exam week is around the corner. 

Somehow, in my opinion, instant noodle is just another processed food like any other food around us, like canned food, carbonated drinks, and all the junk food at ko'op (convenient store). What different does it make that if you eat them a day before exam or a few weeks before exam? You won't be able to explain the photosynthesis, or the blood coagulation process and shit lah? (wow so pandai this guy, many confusing academic terms la)

Hujung minggu selalu ada jualan oleh PUM (Persatuan Usahawan Muda). They normally sell fish balls, sausage, burgers, fries, floats bla2, you name it. Everyone is buying! Including those who are in the maggi pantang -__-

Basically instant processed food contain gelatin, MSG, GST, MACC, SPRM bla2 which is the reason why they ditch maggi in the first place. You where am I going right?

The point is, healthy organic food is good for your health. But not everyone can afford organic. What the fuck am I talking? Lari topik sikit but still a good point if I may give credit to myself.

A bowl of instant noodle wouldn't hurt your score much. They are just food. It's your prep and knowledge is what matter.

2. terminum holy water tak boleh nak mengucap

Eh, aku dah tak larat la nak type, pasal maggi pun dah beratus ratus patah perkataan ni.

It's a pure conspiracy. I am not interested to prove the fact thoroughly or technically (as in trying to drink the holy water myself just to prove the point which I would totally do). This story is of course due to the effect of chain messages, which was trending a decade ago (well now oso got whatsapp, it's free lor). Kalau tak share within 2 minutes, you are one heartless selfish arrogant human! Spread good things la ahboy aiyaa...

I don't mind receiving chain message or even sending one, as long as it comes with references, like the URL to the website about an event, links to related articles or whatever necessary to make the message attested. It would be great to apply our technique and knowledge in doing academic research into our daily life.

Any form of blackmail at the end of the message is fucking annoying and plain stupid. It is up to the receiver to spread the message or not.

I believe in the power of Allah, not the power holy water
I fear the rage of Allah, not afraid on how damaging holy could do to me

I hope that is enough to make people stop spreading or believing this holy water hoax (atau bak kata menteri menteri yang bekap papa najib, a malicious deception or accusation)

Let me quote something from the holy Quran,

And when they have [nearly] fulfilled their term, either retain them according to acceptable terms or part with them according to acceptable terms. And bring to witness two just men from among you and establish the testimony for [the acceptance of] Allah . That is instructed to whoever should believe in Allah and the Last day. And whoever fears Allah - He will make for him a way out. (Surat At-Talaq;2)

Let us focus more on keep our duty to Him rather than strategizing on how to avoid the baseless fitnah, Insyaallah, He will get us out of every difficulty. 

Bak kata orang melayu, mencegah lebih elok dari merawati. Samalah konsepnya disini.

To end this bloody long post, here's a cute potato.

I'm kidding, to really conclude this post, we need to be smart in receiving and filtering the incoming message (not necessarily text message). You are the one who is in charge of your belief. 

be smart #notetoself

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