Wednesday, August 19, 2015

The perks of falling in love

Things are heighten when you are in love. Romance ties into more primal parts of the brain. Love is literally the weed for your brain.

Almost everything is heighten to the point where anything can touch you like never before. It can be music, books, movies, and much more. The experience of doing these normal activities are now more meaningful.

For instance, music has never been better.
Adele's Someone Like You is a great song that anyone would sing along to. Somehow for someone who just went through a heartbreaking split or breakup, the song is now more than just a song. It's a reflection of their life.

It is helpful when you channel out the sorrow by crying (singing) out loud to a breakup song and then just move on with your life,  rather than suppressing the emotion and end up hurting yourself physically. Bitch, you're on the same boat with Adele! Isn't that awesome in a way? So, lighten up!

I'm watching Younger. If I watch it a few years ago, the series will just be another cute romcom. Watching a cheesy romance always make you wish you could have the life in the movie. But when you're dating someone, romance genre is a pool of idea for you to experience or have fun with!

Still, the bigger you love, the harder you fall.

Love those who are worth the pain. Love should be easy when you can truly love someone despite the pain. It will hurt but you will grow through that pain.

baby, i'm worth it!

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