Monday, September 14, 2015

Study Journal

I am creating a study journal. From week to week, I'll be posting about what I have learn in the class. I'll be sharing slideshows, articles, reflection and any related material that I deem helpful. This compilation is going to be my future reference.

A lecturer once told me, jot down everything that you listen. The lecturer could be teaching and talking crap, but that crappy talk could be the bookmark of the class content that can remind you later. Jot everything single thing down. It's fun and it's effective.

One blog for one course.
EDU 701: Education & Human Development
EDU702: Research Methodology 
TSL751: Practices & Reflections in TESL
TSL752: Trends in Testing & Assessment

I hope this study log can be beneficial for my study, Insyaallah.

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Siti Kadir said...

Hi Aizat, I find your blog is really useful for me. I m about to do my study too and I really appreciate all assistance in all aspects. Thanks to u!


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