Thursday, November 19, 2015

my reflection as an English learner so far

This video is a reflection of my experience as an English learner. It's a 20 minutes video because I was all over the place on off topic somewhere in the middle. But mostly, it's because I stutter a lot in my speech.

The thing is, I'm not well-verse in English and I don't take that as an excuse to feel bad about myself. In fact, it a reason for me to learn more about the language, and now that I'm taking TESL, I'm living up to my vision and I couldn't be more happier struggling on something that I'm very passionate about.

I have to warn you (or the future Aizat) that my vocabulary is not as broad and my grammar is saddening. I decided not to edit the video so that it appear more raw and real, or else it will look like I'm very fluent without the errr and the ummm.

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