Sunday, December 13, 2015


According to the textbook, generally there are three major theories of learning and they are behaviorism, cognitivism, and constructivism. In my perspective, the three theories is related to each other as a learner growing to be an autonomous. 

In the story of Ivan Pavlov and his dogs, we learn that learners are basically passive and they are just responding to stimuli with classical conditioning of the sound of the bell that stimulate the dogs into corresponding the sound of the bell with the presence of foods. This might occur in the early stage of a learning process as we are very inactive and less participative in the way a learning should be. All that we do is just responding to the stimulus and learn the significant behind it. It is like a 5 years old boys matching the spelling of colors with the right color accordingly. There is no argument about the shades of colors but to just respond to the stimulus and pair them correctly. 

As the boy understand colors, he will process, store, and retrieve information of the colors for later use. Later he will associate the colors into the surrounding as now he learn that leaves are green, and there are many shades of green. I believe this situation is in Jean Piaget’s stage of concrete operational where the boys started to comprehend the common rule of nature that most leaves are green. 

Later, the boy become an active learner that he is now able to construct new ideas and concept based on his current knowledge about green color. The surrounding may influence the way he define the color. Thus, a teacher should take an active part to be a good influencer in constructing the right value about green for the boy. He might be able to blend the color along with another shade of color to produce a beautiful piece of art, or in contract he might choose to celebrate green from a different perspective that it represent eco-friendly products or activities. 

I conclude that, a teacher should understand each learning theories so that the right role can be played in each stages in order to ensure the learner can become a competence autonomous student.

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