Monday, February 22, 2016

my clothing fatwa

I'm not sure if my sense of style is something that is worth sharing coz I'm no guru. But I do have some basic ground rules.

Basic T-shirt
It's a must to have plain crew neck T-shirt for everyday wear. Not only it's comfortable, but it's also a flexible clothing that can be elevated with some splash of colors and accessories.

Must have according to hierarchy:
1. White
2. Black
3. Grey
4. Navy Blue

Why there four colors? Because it's the best neutral color for men. 

As much as how awesome the chic black and white T shirt contrast to denim pants or shorts, grey has always been my favorite color for T shirt. I love the paleness  (other than I can contract it with strong denim like the rest of the color), as it couple with faded shades of color with and on top of that a currant red beanies or strong leather accessories; like fanny pack or loads of tribal bracelets.

without the brown military boots, this look 
would have be nothing

how to rock grey for girls 

Not everyone is on the same boat with me when it comes to oversized look, because not everyone look good in it. My mom and one of my friend are critically condemning my oversized look, but in my defense, do over-sized but not sloppy.

the fabric type should be right so that it draped well

troye sivan is my big inspiration when it comes to oversized

Yes, I'm hiding my skinny body but not out shame, but merely for comfy. In contrast to an oversized T shirt, I will go for skinny (but not too tight) with the pants, and not too gay, unless that's where I'm  going. I prefer it hobo marry street-skateboarder look that is young and fresh.

I wouldn't mind having more than two colors, but keep it as minimal as possible. Big stripes top is okay but keep it pale and pastel, just because you don't wanna go too much as in looking like a 10 years old kid. Colorful sweater is nice but I prefer it one color. If it's graphic, I would go with tile pattern.

It would be great to at least have one knit-sweater in your closet to wear it on top of a shirt whenever needed. Yes, whenever needed because I'm all about functional in dress up. Why would you wear a sweater or leather jacket when its forty degree celsius out there? (because some people do)

bomber jacket
News flash: everyone needs a bomber jacket. It can elevate anything that you are in into something that is street and luxe. Hoodies is fine, if you're going to the park, but bomber jacket is the one thing that can change your at-home look to lets-go-out-tonight. I have a cool reversible bomber jacket from Zalora and it's very convenient when I made a last minute plan to go to the mall, cinema, or somewhere cold. I can be at home, wearing my jogger pants in a tank top watching New Girl, and the next minute I grab my bomber jacket and go to the cinema with my friend.

print is nice, but mind the color

mind the color
I'm not being fussy by having a strict rule in matching my clothes, but I love using the color wheel as a guide. I think its genius!

For instance, based on the color wheel above, let's say you're wearing an emerald green jacket with a pair of fitted black pants with leather boots and bag. You need something to poise up your look, and here comes the wheel. In this case the opposite of green is the shades of red, thus go with accessories with the element of red to complete the look.

without the maroon beanies,
the look would have gone sorrow

The neighbor color can also be used as alternatives. The blue watch for instance gives more dimension to this look.

I don't have much print but it's fun to at least have some print T shirt or shirt. In contrast with the rules of grey, use print as the statement piece. Don't go for print with striking pants and loads of accessories. Once you go with print, don't go to much with other element.

final rule
there is no rule. Just wear whatever you want or have, as long as it is comfortable, serving the purpose of clothing and importantly, just make it werk!

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