Monday, March 7, 2016

hello random citizen, would you help me?

It's a horrible situation to be put in
when someone wanna borrow your stuff but you refuse to lend it.

You'll be the bad guy for not sharing your possession,
and the rejected friend who was asking (is the/will play) victim.
This is an unfair situation.

If someone refuse to lend you their cellphone,
move on. Find another who would.

If someone refuse to lend you their money,
find a friend who's willing to help you.

If someone refuse to lend you their eraser,
well that someone can fuck off.

but dear borrower,
please do not put pressure on people like
asking to borrow his car, or his motorcycle
when you just befriend for barely a month.

If someone put me in this kind of situation, i'll be like
"how dare you do this to me? You know I can't say NO on your face, or I'll be the stingy arrogant friend,"

I'm saying NO because
I know you would not able or willing to bear the damage cost (especially in the case of college students).
I'm saying NO because
I'm putting my NCD insurance privilege at risk, and that is none of the borrower concern.
I'm saying NO because
it is mine, and I have full right over my own possession.

just imagine your small act of kindness could inspire people around you...

However, as a good Muslim, whatever that is ours, is not entirely ours. Our fellow brothers and sisters have their rights in our wealthiness be it in any forms. Help people, then God will help you. Simple math. I know this paragraph is a huge contradiction to the story above, but this clashes should make you ponder on the courteousness and appropriateness in asking for favor.

Back to the original note, random act of kindness is too rare nowadays so be sure to ask for favor from someone that you deem would genuinely help you to do justice to both side.


Hanis Amanina said...

and for the borrower, once you borrow something, make sure to return it in 99% same condition as when you get it. :) macam pinjam kereta, jaga speed limit - so that, takde saman. isi minyak balik etc.

my mom once told me, she lent some money to needy parents. for me, the amount is not that small. but, she said, she put trust on Allah and if they don't return the money after their condition becomes stable, she said well... maybe she will gain something else in return from Allah :)

aizat sahid said...

absolutely right amanina!
once you return it, it better be as good as the way you took it before. that's another important thing that I forgot to mention.
and mom always knows best!


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