Thursday, July 14, 2016

why I'm deleting my social accounts one by one

I'm killing my social accounts one by one. It started from the insignificant like LINE, and then Beetalk (which lasted for a few minutes and the deleted). Of course that is not the only two. There are tons of others like Tumblr, Tindr, Bindr and some other dr.

Deleting the unimportant account doesn't really affect me. It's like cleaning out my desktop or closet. If deleting the social accounts doesn't really change anything, why bother deleting? Since I'm obliviously random and up for changes and progress, so why not terminate the one that really impact me? Some that really are part of my routine are like Whatsapp, Wechat, Telegram, Facebook, Twitter and of course Blogger; these need to stay. or Not?
Let's justify each...

Whatsapp is making texting cheaper and convenient. It literally replacing SMS I guess.
Somehow, having a fight in real life with friends or family members that was initiated on Whatsapp is nothing new.

luckily Pak Lan's family got it resolved. But I'm sure nobody want this to happen in their family in the first place. Too late though for me, it already happened and it's still unresolved. It will, but it won't be easy like in the video. Not everything can be settled through Whatsapp. 

Wechat is where I post crappy stuff that doesn't need me to explain why I do shit. News flash; it's deleted which I will explain later.

Telegram is essential for schooling since it's easy in sharing files like PDF, docs and ppt. Plus everything is secured on the cloud.

Facebook is a practical scrapbook and wedding invitations nowadays.

Blogger is a gem and a valuable archive of my life.

Twitter is somehow moving too fast and affecting my life in a way that I don't like. 

and Instragram is like my portfolio.

My first experiment was Wechat.
I'm definitely holding my phone much longer with everything to update everywhere. Now that I got one account less, I would say it reduced the unnecessary urge to update crap, drama and unwanted problems. Different accounts comes with different circles, hence represent different set of mentalities and problems. Personally, it's an effective move cutting out the circle that doesn't really build me. It safe to say that I didn't really cut the line between me and my real friends because my real friends should be reachable to each other regardless which social medias we are in.

I feel like deactivating my Twitter account.
Twitter feed is moving so fast that it's a live billboard for some. The updates are supposed to be short and compressed thus, the expressions are sometimes complex or simply literal. This somehow made it unclear that it could send the wrong signal and invite unnecessary debate. It's good to argue and discuss since the clashes could breed more ideas and further insights. But dang I hate it when people just don't get the real meaning of my update end up perceiving something that is totally the opposite. Even though people's judgement is not my responsible, but still, I just don't like the idea of not having your thought being valued or respected. Why do you think Miley Cyrus and Demi Lovato (not for long though) quit Twitter?

She got it figured like back in 2009 and she's happy with her life. She may act slutty, but at least she's happy with the same man, unlike some who's busy burring people

I'm considering to delete my Twitter account. Yes, I'm not famous on Twitter and it wouldn't hurt my follower if I'm gone. The follower is the least of my concern, it's the well being of myself is what matter. If Twitter could somehow demotivate me in a way, I wouldn't mind killing it. I can still live. I'm still reachable. 

Be it Twitter or Whatsapp or whatev, our updates on the website does not embed with natural expression and emotion which could invite misunderstanding. This can be avoided if we have no choice but to confront in person and this is what my motion is about. Plus, it's cheaper to bash and talk crap on the internet since it's free. Back then, we tend to keep it short, simple and precise when we still count on the pay-per-messages thus everything count. Every words matter. 

Words are cheaper with technology. Spreading knowledge and information are at advantage. On the other hand, so does spreading rumors and badmouthing. Everything is cheaper and easier.

According to my logic and calculation, the lesser the channel, the lower the possibility for these unfortunate occurrence. Just because I'm running a social blackout it doesn't mean I'm detaching myself from the society. I'm just grasping my power over the technology instead of letting it exploiting it's power towards me. 


Hanis Amanina said...

Haven't use Wechat before, but I heard many people meet their partners by this app. Is it true?

And the rest that you mentioned, they are parts of my life as well. Facebook, Blogger, Twitter, Instagram. I agree though with your idea to justify each of see if you really need it or not.

I love Twitter for its rapid feed. Now, I only use it to read latest news. I tried to share my thought and feeling but I guess Blogger is more appropriate for it. I agree with we are not able to explain our statement in compressed tweets.

Disconnect to reconnect...I think we need it sometimes.. that's why we have a choice of deactivate etc.

AkuSeorangTraveler said...

hi, salam singgah dan follow :D

aizat sahid said...

well said hanis amanina! Disconnect to reconnect...I think we all need it sometimes. That what people do when they need space and time to rethink and rearrange.


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