Thursday, February 2, 2017

the climb

Holding my shit has never been this hard. I'm at the verge of either breaking down or soaring high to the sky. I'm pretty much baked all the time which make me not sure if I am stagnant or I'm just moving slowly. Progress should be more matter than perfection, so I think I'm doing pretty fine with everything.

I am at the junction deciding which routes should I be taking. Should I go south first while enjoying the warm breezy air of the beach, or should I just take the nearest route, but there would likely be police and tolls along the way.

I just watched the perks of being a wallflowers a few days ago. It got me thinking that I was, I mean I am in the same shoes with charlie. We kinda doing the same thing and appreciate the same thing. The struggle is real and I could relate on the continuum level. It's amazing how a fictional character can relate to a niche emotion like whatever the fuck I am facing now.

Holyshit, I'm floating and drifting slowly and I'm taking the whole time in the world to figure out what to do next. I'm pretty sure the waterfall is just a few feet ahead.

Sometimes, when you are tired, you will just drift with the flow. I'm gonna let the time do the healing this time.Climbing up slowly, for now.

I came out with the title at this point of paragraph, and I think it's cheesy and I should stop right now. I just feel like typing whatever shit that's coming across my head, and yeah, it feels good doing the old things.Writing shit. Pointless everyday shit.



Nurul Afifah said...

Actually, to feel related to fictional characters has always been something I do.Or simply understanding them even though they are freaking fictional. Go on drifitng, drifting so far soothes me and I loves it.

aizat sahid said...

i appreciate that we are sharing the same feeling and thoughts afifah :)


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