Saturday, April 15, 2017


a list of 'we were once'
 we were once two peas in a pod
  we were once bullied together
   we were once kindred spirits
    but we've grown grown apart

      Is it a blessing to lose you?
     Is it a blessing to lose me?
    I don't give a shit anymore.
   no hate though
shit happens

our differences is crazy that it fires conflict
our similarities is too flat there's no friction it's boring
I need thrills
I need fireworks
I wanna to get into mischief
I wanna get into you
I wanna do fun shit together with you because it's fun
I don't wanna be a boring grandpa telling boring kidulthood to my grandchildren
but you REFUSED.

there you are
growing to north
staying in a box
drawing a circle around you.
         plain boring
no insult just explaining.

Do I throw away our books because I'm using Kindle? no.
you have no chill, and I have too much.
you are too strict, I have no schedule.
you're a Brooklyn and I'm at Manhattan
I'm throwing it away because you're no longer writing.
there's nothing more decent to write.

I'm writing a new book
I'm drawing new circles
I'm setting new frequencies emitting the vibes that will attract my tribe
I'm settling a new life.

We're drifting apart and I'm tired of pulling the rope
I'm going too fast in the fast lane that I'm used to the tempo
you're simply not at my speed anymore
it's time to take our path separately.

Dear Old Flame,
I guess this is goodbye.
you still exist in my life
I keep your old room tidy
in case if you wanna come for a pillow talk

Dear Old Flame,
may God bless you and your dreams.

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