Sunday, July 16, 2017


Writing on my blog
is like breathing in a jungle
peaceful and quite
with no one to judge and comment
because there is less people here, 
except for the words, insects, and river sound.

I've been expressing my thought on other social site
like twitter, instagram and facebook.
There are more audience there.
You see why I use the word audience
because we wanted is the be seen
the be evaluated and evaluate
of our life that half of it are perfectly orchestrated 
or not even real
because living in the new nature
there is certain image that you have to live up to
there is always a trend 

we objectify and normalize
we functions and do things the way the corporation want us to be
we took away of safe space and allow strangers to mock and judge however they want 
why do I have to live they way the trend are set

I'm moving back to the jungle
to build a house made of all wood
I'm living my own life in my own definition and principles
and when I adapt and people think I'm fake,
I will keep on living and hold more power over my own life
a life with integrity
a life with moral and values
a life with mistakes and adventures
a life that is worth living.

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